Customers open their hearts

"A session with Hoda has not only helped omit the negative thoughts but also made me feel light. Throughout the session she was patient and compassionate while being proactive and constructively challenging when she needed to be. I found this combination of empathy and robust testing of my negative perceptions immensely helpful.

The process resulted in feeling much better at work & boosted my confidence which will certainly assist in achieving professional goals. I believe this will also help me strengthen my relationship with my loved ones."

- Syed Tajuddin

"The session was impeccable as it made me slow down and relax from all of the endless stress in my personal and professional life. As an HR professional, I would recommend a therapy like this to be included by companies because they may actually increase productivity and create a positive work environment for their employees!"

- Varsha Vekaria

"It was great experience and above all what I got more than just the information but the way is presented and taught is perfect.
I feel different and start to have more control in my reactions and that just few days after session given by Hoda. I'm on my way to experience more flexibility and ease in my life."

- Nasmina Mohd

"Throughout the process, I learned a lot that has helped me overcome my concerns. The environment was safe and supportive, allowing me to become more conscious of and embrace certain aspects of my life that were overwhelming. I'm also using the techniques I learned in the sessions to support my growth and progress. Hoda was a true professional, as well as an approachable and knowledgeable individual."

- Ahmad Khawar

"The experience was profound and moving, as I connected to my inner child and the higher plane of my true self, and also to the inner children of the people whom I had to clear up heavy or stressful energies with. It was released profoundly. The treatment is an emotional process, and letting go is often a form of tears, and it is worthwhile to note the lightness that occurs in mind and body during the process.   I will strongly advise anyone who wishes to be free of deeply rooted concerns that are often related to family members and the families' inherited issues, to experience Hoda's techniques."

- Farah Israfilbayova

"I enrolled in Access Bars class just out of curiosity, but the whole experience has truly piqued my interest. The course was a combination of theories and actual practice,  and it was delivered in an informative but enjoyable way.  Big thanks to Hoda for making her home a safe and relaxing place to learn, and herself a credible and empathic facilitator. It was an absolute pleasure learning Access Bars through Hoda and she has genuinely inspired me to take the next steps in this practice. Thank you Hoda for this valuable, life-changing course."

- Joy Siy

"I took the Access Bars Practitioner course from Hoda and I loved it. The ease with which she explained it, made it really easy to understand. The bonus was her confidence boosting and tips and tricks.
I absolutely loved working with Hoda and can’t wait to work with her again :)"

- Radhhika Nayyar

"I had the Access bars sessions with Hoda which was absolutely amazing! Super relaxing and made my mind feel at ease. It was my first time and I felt so comfortable and peaceful! Will definitely be doing another session. Thank you Hoda!"

- Farheen Rajabali

"An angel who came into my life at the right time - so much gratitude for the 2 days spent together learning & exploring the beauty of Access 💞 Hoda is genuinely a giver and an amazing teacher"

- Khush L.

"I found Thought/Free by Hoda by coincidence and it was the beginning of an amazing healing journey with her ... I have done access bars and other meditation sessions and I have seen the results in less than a week .. With Hoda you will be able to understand yourself and increase your awareness about everything around you !!"

- Dareen A.

"It was a perfect way for giving a such a course with Hoda’s house as we spent a great time with my children, the place was so cozy and comfortable with privacy to have the course for a family. Hoda has an excellent way to deal and a good way in explaining to all family members specially children . Thanks Hoda for the special and unforgettable experience 😊.Much love"

- Deema Mohammed

"It was a great session with Huda after that session I slept like a baby ❤️"

- Hend Ghailani

"I joined out of curiosity but found this to be an effective method for deep focus and the results were awesome :) I'd recommend Hoda to anybody just looking to rest and evolve :D"

- Mohamed Mamdouh